EUSci: Edinburgh University Science Media

EUSci is a group of Edinburgh University staff and students.  They produce a science magazine every term and a podcast every fortnight.  You can check them out at, join the EUSci facebook group, or follow them on twitter.


The podcasting team get together every fortnight to produce a show about the latest scientific developments.  They do the hard work for you by trawling the science pages for the best and most exciting developments.  The EUSci team then bring you the news, correspond on the most intriguing discoveries, and in the EUWhat section tell you about the most ridiculous and dubious studies.  And as if this weren’t enough,  each show has a feature interview.  Over the 60 episodes produces by the team, guests have included:

  • Professor Christopher Bishop, Chief Research Scientist at Microsoft Research Cambridge and presenter of the 2008 Royal Institution Christmas lectures
  • Professor Ian Stewart, mathematician, science and science fiction writer, and co-author of The Science of the Discworld
  • Ian Bohannon of Science Magazine
  • Derek Gatherer, a senior investigator at the MRC Centre for Virus Research at the University of Glasgow
  • AI researchers Sethu Vijayakumar and Austin Tate


The magazine is packed full of science features, news, opinion articles and more.  Each issue also has a special focus, ranging from Better Living through Chemistry to Science and Policy.  You can take a look at the magazine on their website at or pick up a copy around the Edinburgh University campus.

Public events

EUSci also host public science seminars and sciencey pub quizzes, so if you live in Edinburgh why not go along.   Embrace your inner geek.


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